Hilden Grange School

Science Week

 Operating theatre live


Mouths watered and stomachs rumbled as we were all encouraged to think about food during this year’s ‘Food For Thought’ themed Science Week.

Year 3 investigated the journey of chocolate from bean to bar and discussed the importance of Fairtrade. They found out about tempering of chocolate in order to give it its shine and a good ‘snap’ and then made their own milk chocolate lollies.  Meanwhile Year 4 made glue from milk and learnt how to make healthy smoothies during Mr Owen’s Juiceology Workshop.  Year 5 carried out a range of ‘Eggsperiments’ to fit in with their Lifecycles topic and Living Eggs supplied us with all the equipment we needed for hatching eggs. As a result, eight healthy chicks hatched out in Lab Two to the delight of those pupils that were logged onto FROG in their classrooms and saw the event ‘live’.  To support the study of the Ecology unit in Year 6, pupils dissected owl pellets and identified the regurgitated bones.  Meanwhile Year 7 made and used their own red cabbage indicator in Chemistry and devised their own ‘Dinner in Space’ for Tim Peake in Physics.

In Year 8 Biology, pupils extracted DNA from kiwi fruit, whilst in Chemistry pupils found out about the science behind some classic ‘flash bang’ demos including chip pan fires and why you should never add water. They also watched the ‘The Howling Jelly Baby’ experiment – which not only howled but also set off the school fire alarms!

Pupils in Years 6-8 ‘scrubbed up’ and donned their surgical gowns to undertake the ‘Operating Theatre Live’ workshop. They found out about the digestive system and ailments associated with the GI tract. They learnt about anaesthetics and then dissected a real GI tract from a pig.

To fit in with the theme of physical and chemical changes a very popular Hilden Grange Bake-Off Competition ran through the week. A winner from the ‘Cookie Heats’ in each form group was chosen to take part in the science themed ‘Showstopper’ final. The pupils came up with some truly amazing bakes that Mary Berry herself would have been proud of. The overall winner was judged at a special Science Week Assembly by our very own Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry (aka Andrew Owens and Charlotte Parker).

Other competitions included: Mr Cheeseman’s Daily Brainteaser and a ‘Design, Draw and Colour a Balanced Meal’

Science Week was celebrated in other subjects too.   In History pupils learnt about rationing and mediaeval food and in Art pupils designed and made chocolate bar wrappers. The Geography department taught pupils about Fairtrade whilst in English, Year 3 pupils discussed chocolate recipes.  In Maths pupils found the volume of various food cans and in Latin lessons pupils held a Roman Feast in the Gracey hall complete with entertainment! Pupils found out about and tasted the food that Jesus would have eaten during RS and in Drama pupils played the Fruit Machine game and made human fruit statues!

The event proved to be a great success and one which has hopefully, fed and nourished everyone’s appetite and enthusiasm in readiness for Science Week 2017!