Hilden Grange School

During February and March 50 children from Hilden Grange took part in solo and ensemble classes at the Hastings International Music Festival and the Tunbridge Wells Arts Festival with great success.  To participate in a festival class provides an enjoyable experience of performing to an audience and the feedback from the adjudicators is very valuable.  To win is an added bonus!  Congratulations to all of our pupils who took part. 


Festival winners

Hilden Grange pupils were successful in the following classes:

Hastings Festival

Singing Classes:

Age under 8 - 2nd

Boys age 8 and under 11 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Boys 11 and under 15 - 1st, 2nd and two in joint 3rd

Girls age 8 - 3rd

Girls age 9 - two joint 3rd

Girls age 10 - 1st

Girls age 11 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Sacred Song Age 12 and under 18 - 1st and 3rd

Verse and Song - 2nd

Junior Singing Cup for highest aggregate mark in two classes

Show Song Age 10 and under 12 - 2nd and 3rd

Show Song Age 12 and under 14 - 3rd equal


Piano Classes:

Grade 1 Piano - 3rd

Grade 2 Piano - 1st and 2nd

Grade 4 Piano - 1st

Piano Duet Age under 15 - 1st and 2nd


String Classes:

Violin Solo Age 11 and under 13 - 1st with Honours

Viola Solo Age 11 and under 13 - 1st with Honours

Sonata Class - 1st with Honours

Gold Medal - 1st

Young Musician of the Year -  2nd

String Quartet - Hilden Grange 1st with Special Merit

Recorder Classes:

Recorder age under 10 - 1st with Honours

Recorder under 12 -  1st

Recorder Ensemble - Hilden Grange Consort 1st with Honours

Woodwind Beginners -  2nd

The Hilden Grange Choir came 2nd with Honours in the Choirs with 40 voices or less.


Tunbridge Wells Arts Festival

Violin Class - 2nd; Show Song - 1st, 2nd, 3rd; Folk Song - 1st and 2nd;  Duets - 1st a and 2nd place; Own Choice of song - 2nd and 3rd.