Hilden Grange School

Arts, DT & Drama


Art and DT is taught to all children by specialist teachers in a custom built Art room.  The emphasis is on enjoyment and creative problem solving, but also instils technical skills, cultural context and historical knowledge.  The Department is well resourced with children able to work in a number of mediums including paint, clay, mixed media and computer aided design.

Creative Arts Week is held each year for pupils in years 3-5.  It is a wonderful opportunity for the children to immerse themselves in a host of creative activities, from sculpture and drawing cartoons to drama, dance and singing. In 2018 the theme of Creative Arts Week was Wild@Art.

Portrait exhibition

Pupils from Nursery to Year 8 are taught Drama by a specialist teacher.  In their sessions pupils complete work in units covering fundamental life skills, technical aspects of Drama, and explore various genres.  Students from years 4-8 have the opportunity to be part of large musical productions. While classes develop students’ presentation and communication skills, the production club allows students to develop acting and theatrical abilities.


Hilden Grange has entered a number of students for Art and Drama Scholarships to independent secondary schools at both age 11 and 13.