Hilden Grange School


At Hilden Grange pupils are introduced to Latin in Year 6 by means of a language awareness course designed to help them understand the value of the subject and the ways in which it will support their work in other areas. Pupils appreciate the importance of Latin as a foundation of English and other languages descended from it. This enables them to appreciate how much it will assist them with spelling, grammar and vocabulary in their own language.

Translation work, both from and into Latin, forms a rigorous element of language study from the start and pupils enjoy the challenge this presents, developing grammatical and analytical skills which may lead them ultimately to sit Common Entrance or Scholarship examinations to senior schools in Year 8. A project on Pompeii takes place in Year 6 prior to the school trip to the Bay of Naples where pupils explore the ancient sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, climb Vesuvius and tour the beautiful island of Capri.

Classical Civilisation plays an important part in the curriculum from Year 6 onwards. In the Senior School we study the Trojan War, the Odyssey, Greek and Roman Mythology and life in Rome and Roman Britain.

European Languages Day