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Science Week

Green Week

Green Week

 Never has there been a more important or relevant themed week as Hilden Grange raised the profile of the environment and climate change throughout the school.

Mrs Bleakley introduced the week with a very enlightening and informative assembly highlighting the serious issues currently facing the planet.  With the emphasis on how the Hilden Grange community can improve its own carbon footprint, members of the School Council immediately set about running an audit of the school.  All staff from the office to caretaking, cleaning to catering were encouraged to become involved.  In lessons, departments took on various aspects of the theme and explored them in different ways.

In Science Mrs Richardson’s pupils focussed on renewable energy sources. Year 3 made wind turbines that could generate electricity, whilst Year 5 made penny cells and saltwater batteries.

Year 4 put their own spin on things with Ms Beal, recycling plastic water bottles to make personal portable fans.  Meanwhile, Years 7 and 8 made solar pizza ovens and Year 8 Scholars assembled solar cars and raced them outside the lab.

Phil Hunton from ‘Green Up Your Act’ ran a series of workshops across the school.  Years 3 and 4 learnt all about food miles and the advantages of growing at home. With this in mind they then made their own biodegradable plant pots and planted pea seeds and spring onions in the science garden.  Pupils in Years 5 - 8 were shocked to discover just how much plastic pollution is already affecting the waters around Indonesia and set about making upcycled eco-fish and juice carton wallets.

In DT the theme continued as pupils designed and made a whole range of practical objects from plastic milk cartons.

The Geography department took Year 4 to visit an organic farm where they found out about the benefits of using dung and manure over chemical fertilizers in sustainable farming.

In Maths, pupils crunched the numbers and shocked us all with facts and figures relating to things such as the extent of deforestation in the Amazon and the amount of beef used in the fast food industry.

English lessons gave Year 6 pupils the opportunity to compose their own ‘Going Green’ poems. 

To the nearest %, what proportion of UK household waste is recycled? In litres, on average how much more water do you use taking a bath rather than having a shower?  These were just a couple of questions posed in this year’s Daily Cheeseman Challenge.  

Meanwhile, Mrs Tait organized a ‘Jazz Up Your Junk’ competition that saw a whole range of innovative upcycled objects.


New York, Paris, Milan, Tonbridge?  The Hilden Grange Charity Shop Fashion Show organized by Mrs Bruce and Mrs Parker aimed to ensure that we were all on trend. Pupils from across the year groups posed, pouted and strutted their way down the Gracey Hall catwalk in a whole range of sassy outfits, accompanied by loud, thumping music and a roaring applauding Hilden Grange audience.   What a way to end the week! 

 The real challenge now though, is to ensure that our efforts are not just a ‘fashion fad’ and that we all keep going ever greener. After all there is no Planet B!