Hilden Grange School


The Prep School has two fully equipped laboratories and an adjoining preparation room.  In addition, we have a school pond and a science garden for studying environmental science.  All science lessons are taught by specialist teachers and the department is very well resourced with all the equipment necessary for practical investigations.

At Hilden Grange a ‘hands on’ approach to science is encouraged.  The science staff aim to excite and stimulate the interest of every pupil by including as much practical investigative work as possible.  Every year we raise the profile of science with an annual Science Week, adopting a theme that runs right across the school from Nursery to Year 8. There is also a very popular ‘Mad Science’ after school Club that allows those with a special  interest to go ‘off syllabus’ and explore some of the quirkier aspects of science.

Above all we want our pupils to enjoy science and to develop a curiosity and life-long interest in the  world around them.

Circuits lesson