Hilden Grange School

A Portrait of Hilden Grange

At the beginning of the Trinity term the children’s work was professionally framed and hung as an exhibition titled A Portrait of Hilden Grange. The variety of styles and the obvious artistic abilities of the children were testament to their enthusiasm and ability.

 Year 3 were inspired to make their portraits of astronauts using a number of collage techniques. They were learning how to plan and layout their designs, thinking about colour, shape and space.

 In the eyes of Year 4
Year 4 developed their observational skills by learning to draw a realistic eye and then practicing creating form with colour. The backgrounds were painted and then torn to create a dynamic effect.

Running Free with Year 5
Year 5 have created mixed media portraits using digital manipulation and photography based on the theme of ‘Free Running’. We looked at artist’s who portray movement in their work to help with the added graphics.

Year 6 get hands on
Year 6 have produced unusual self-portraits inspired by Australian Aboriginal art. The symbols in the hands are used to tell stories about their lives. The backgrounds are made up of writing based on their memories at Hilden Grange.

Portrait of Hilden Grange

Portrait of Hilden Grange

Portrait of Hilden Grange