Hilden Grange School

Dahlicious Learning

Year 2’s topic this half term is ‘Dahlicious’ and the children have had lots of fun learning all about the author Roald Dahl as well as enjoying many of his stories. The topic has provided the inspiration for a whole range of creative activities. The children have shown great promise as budding set designers with the construction of some wonderfully-imaginative puppet theatres for scenes from Fantastic Mr Fox, and, after studying the skills of the illustrator Quentin Blake, they then went on to draw some of Roald Dahl’s characters in Blake’s style.

They then turned their talents to concocting their own Wonka Bars (such as the enticingly-named ‘Woo’s Goo’!), designing packaging to accompany them and writing persuasive sentences to Mr Willy Wonka to persuade him to make the bars in his amazing chocolate factory.

They then turned to 'James and the Giant Peach' which prompted the arrival of some amazing giant peaches and a very fun and healthy peach smoothie making session.  To add to the fun, a dress up day saw lots of very inventive costumes as the pupils and their teachers were transformed into Roald Dahl characters.

Peach Smoothie making

Fantastic Mr Fox Theatre 

Fantastic Mr Fox

Making Wonka Bars