Hilden Grange School

Data gathering at the Olympic Park

A visit to the Olympic Park provided the Year 8 Geographers with a great opportunity to practice some primary data gathering techniques.

These turned into some of the highlights, with some students commenting how much they found they enjoyed talking to members of the public, despite being initially apprehensive. Perseverance was the word of the day in terms of our language for learning, with many passers by being unwilling to engage. The weather was not in our favour either, with wind speeds increasing through the day, making it difficult to hold onto our clipboards, but our Year 8 students, through sheer determination,  managed to drum up a sample of 28 respondents which is very respectable.

Another educational highlight included conducting the sustainability survey of East Village in comparison with neighbouring Hackney Wick and learning about the area from our well informed guide. The students also enjoyed lunch in the very impressive Velodrome,  and very much appreciated a welcome hot chocolate, which is a requirement of this resilient cohort’s experience of rather cold, damp field trips. We are very grateful to Mrs Tait for accompanying us on this trip, and to John Widdowson for being our guide for the day.

Year 8 pupils at the Olympic Park