Hilden Grange School

Full STEAM Ahead!

It has been full STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) ahead at Hilden Grange as the pupils from the Nursery to Year 8 immersed themselves in a week long host of activities to celebrate building, engineering and construction

The pupils put their scientific knowledge and engineering skills to the test as they competed to design the strongest and fastest prototype cars, build the strongest bridges, and launch the sturdiest lunar modules.  In Art, pupils explored the art behind construction and engineering, producing beautiful drawings inspired by crystal structures and lego print architectural artwork.

In the Pre-Prep, children were challenged to build bridges, mazes and houses, formed teams to solve puzzles, and constructed glowing bugs using an electrical circuit.

Highly creative entries flooded in for the invention competition this morning. From a 'fluffinator' machine to restore tired toys to their former glory, to an eco-friendly under-the-sea plastics recycling scheme and an ingenious 'kitbag alarm' system designed to prevent kit from ever getting lost, these revealed a host of budding inventors.

Lisa Beal, Head of Science commented, “Science is a very popular subject at Hilden Grange throughout the year and with the2018 being the Year of Engineering we relished the opportunity to have a real celebration of the STEAM subjects.  The huge array of diverse activities is a wonderful way to further stimulate our pupils’ passion for science and the children have all thoroughly enjoyed the week.”

STEAM week