Hilden Grange School

Lockdown Learning

Virtual learning has now been underway since the Lockdown started, delivered through our bespoke Homework App.  Live lessons have been taking place since April and each class in the Prep School has a virtual timetable in place for the delivery of live lessons on MS Teams.

 The well-being of our pupils and indeed our staff is very important to us and have been at the forefront of our mind in planning our virtual learning provision.

 The timetables have been specially constructed to ensure that children are not overwhelmed by the number of sessions they should join and also provides them with time during the day when they are not in live lessons, to give them the opportunity to complete work and catch up if necessary. The breadth of the curriculum is recognized in these timetables, including the creative, physical and pastoral elements.

 In the Pre-Prep, we have produced suggested timetables for the children to follow and from the Nursery to Year 2, each class has three sessions of live learning each day.  Assemblies continue on Teams for both the Prep and Pre-Prep.

We have been very proud of the way that the pupils have embraced this new way of working.  Their focus, enthusiasm and resilience has been very impressive and we are seeing lots of creative, high quality work. 

The well-being of our pupils, in these very difficult times, remains our priority.  Our pupils’ mental health will be more important than any of their academic skills during this period.  How they felt during this time will stay with them long after they have forgotten any of the tasks they have completed. This will shape how they cope with difficult times in their lives ahead and if their experience has been positive, they will draw on their newly learnt skills.  Once all the children return to school we will meet each child and determine where they are with their learning. They may have gaps and we will fill them and continue to progress their learning. Teachers are experts at this!

Maths ClassOnline Maths Class

Science Experiment

Science Experiment undertaken during a live lesson

French lessonPlaying games in a French lesson

G5 in rehearsal

Music groups have continued rehearsing at home