Hilden Grange School

Lockdown Singing

During the lockdown our peripatetic teachers and their pupils have been working hard with all the added challenges that online music teaching brings! Miss Everton’s singing group G5 have continued to rehearse 'together' and have been working on ‘Shenandoah’, a song about longing to be somewhere you can't go, and longing to be with people you can't see, which will strike a chord with so many.

This video was produced with each boy singing separately and then each recording compiled into one film. It is very challenging for musicians to perform in this way, as they are unable to hear and respond to each other as they would normally do, so please excuse any inconsistencies, and note that these are down to the expertise of the editor and not the singers!

Shenandoah from Hilden Grange on Vimeo.