Hilden Grange School

Mathematical Marvels

Year 7 were invited to take part in the Sutton Valence Maths Race on 26th April. We selected four of our most talented mathematicians and prepared for an evening of challenge and excitement!

We were racing against 14 other local prep schools and had to answer 20 questions in 30 minutes. Staff and parents were there to cheer them and we were kept on the edge of our seats as Hilden Grange correctly answered question after question. The tension mounted as we reached the 29th minute but with 15 seconds to go our team reached the final question, quickly worked out the answer and gained the maximum of 100 points, with our nearest rivals on 75 points.

When the trophy was awarded the audience were told that this was the first time in the history of the competition (it began in 1989) that a school has answered all 20 questions correctly in the given time!

We are SO proud of our amazing young mathematicians.

These are the types of questions that the pupils had to answer, under very tight time constraints: 

How many square numbers are there less than 200?

A vehicle travels at 20 metres per second. How long, in minutes, does it take to travel 5 km?

A bag contains marshmallows, 40% of which are pink and 60% are white. The full bag has a mass of 500g.  The plastic bag on its own has a mass of 100g.  What is the total mass of the pink marshmallows?

What is the relationship between the 12th and 21st prime numbers?

Each letter of the English alphabet is given a numerical value in order, so A = 1, B = 2, etc. What is the result when the sum of the numerical values of the letters in KITTEN is multiplied by the sum of the numerical value of the letters in CAT?

Insert two pairs of brackets, a multiplication sign, an addition sign and a subtraction sign into the following to make the sum correct: 10 8 2 1 = 50

1st November 2018 is a Thursday. What day of the week is 1st December this year?

Mrs D. Gales

Head of Maths


HG Maths Race team