Hilden Grange School

Remembrance Day Poetry

 Year 2 have been learning about Remembrance Day and were inspired by Michael Morpurgo’s story, ‘The Best Christmas Present in the World’ to write some wonderfully emotive poetry.  The children had discussed poetic writing techniques, such as alliteration, imagery and metaphor. Starting with the idea of the poppy as a symbol of peace, they have used these really effectively in their work.

Remembrance Day poetry

Poppies in no-man’s land,
Fields once green, then muddy,
Now green again.   


I am a pretty poppy that lives in a field and I stand for soldiers who died in the war. 


Remember me,
The war before,
When you find another and another
Poppy waving in the breeze,
Remember me.  


Beautiful poppies swaying in the breeze,
Then guarding me while I sleep.   


Pretty poppy,
Gently swaying in brown mud,
Remember us for ever.  


Fields once covered in green,
I stand for a dead soldier
Who fought in a muddy battlefield.
Now I have a rush of poppies growing next to me. 


Remember me, remember me,
I am a soldier from the war.
I fought for England long ago,
But now my only friend is the pretty poppy,
Remember me for ever.   


Remember me from the war,
All the mud and blood
On the floor.
A poppy grows for me.  


Beautiful poppy,
Red as red,
Taking me back to the war.
Everything has rusted away
But the poppy is here for ever more.  


Remember me from the war,
When I felt the fresh sunlight.
Now I am dead in the ground
And my poppy looks over me.  


War going on – I remember saying you should stop! Let the poppies grow! They cannot grow with guns and war! Let the poppies grow! 


Pretty poppy
Dancing in the breeze,
Remembering the heroes
Who saved our lives.
Pretty poppy,
We will remember them.  


Christmas 1914, it was a very special day. It was the German’s who started it, flying their white flags. The next thing I knew, we were sharing treats in bags. When night fell, we sang carols together.