Hilden Grange School

Years 7 and 8 at Hilden Grange - a Pupil's Perspective

“Academically, Years 7 and 8 at Hilden Grange gave all of us opportunities to develop and flourish. From a personal perspective, the small set sizes and the enthusiasm, expertise and genuine support of the teachers were the key factors which allowed me to progress and prepare for the entrance exams - I was certainly challenged and stretched in different ways but never felt out of my depth. I felt these two years were very well paced.

I valued the calmness and reassurance of the teachers as the exams drew nearer, and by the time I actually sat them, I felt very well prepared because of the three practice sets of exams I had sat before doing the real thing.  I knew what to expect - though I also felt equipped to deal with the unexpected too.  Now I am at Tonbridge I really do appreciate the incredible academic foundation that Hilden Grange has given me. 

Outside the classroom, the two final years at Hilden Grange also gave us so many other opportunities - trips to France, educational visits, a wide variety of sports and greater responsibilities within the school - I found helping out in the Pre-Prep for a week after the exams was particularly rewarding. These two years were obviously a step-up in many different ways, but most importantly they were immensely rewarding and happy years too which I would recommend to anyone!"