Hilden Grange School

At Hilden Grange we take e-Safety seriously. Whilst we understand that students must make use of the internet in order to be digitally literate and ready for the working world, we also appreciate that the internet is a constantly changing and uncertain place. We must remain informed of the current trends and the materials that our children are accessing. As a part of their curriculum, students will have an e-Safety lesson once every half-term, learning a variety of methods of staying safe online whilst still enjoying their time on the internet.

Below are a collection of resources that come highly recommended by Mr. Cank, Head of Computing.

The UK Safer Internet Centre has a collection of guides to what the issues are, methods of setting up parental controls and other resources for parents. They also have a constantly updating blog where they discuss potential risk areas with new games and apps. You can find out more by clicking here

InternetMatters.org collate a monthly eNewsletter with up-to-date information which you can download or have emailed to you. You can find out more by clicking here

The NSPCC have a wide array of resources to support parents including advice on talking to your children regarding e-Safety topics and a list of how safe child friendly apps actually are. You can find out more by clicking here. 

Finally ThinkUKnow shares a collection of age aimed advices on keeping children safe whilst online, and also link to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command, to get direct advice if you are worried that your child is facing issues online. You can find out more by clicking here